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Executive Committee

PAT LLEWELLYN    Contact  |  Term 6.30.18

NFPA Board of Directors President

Board Experience
Vice President, NFPA
Council of State Affiliate Chairs, NFPA
Region 8 Vice President NFPA
NACAC State Representative
President, Montana State Foster/Adoptive Parent Association
Region 5 Representative, Montana State Foster/Adoptive Parent Association
Discipleship Chair, First Baptist Church Missoula

After life as an Army brat and later a Marine wife I now live in Missoula, MT. We first began our introduction to foster care in 1993. We have 14 children,10 adopted from foster care, 26 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren and currently raise 2 of our grandchildren. From foster care, to adoption to kinship care I have been fortunate to have been a part of my state association for many years, to have found the NFPA and to belong to a church with several foster family members, reaping the benefits of many times much needed support from so many great people. I love traveling and the chance to seek good BBQ in every state I visit. I adore being a grandmother and feel exceptionally blessed to be a great grandmother.

KAREN POTEET   Contact    |  Term 6.30.19

NFPA Board of Directors | Vice President

Board Experience
Chair, Conference Committee
Chair, NFPA Program Committee
Board Member, Foster Care and Adoptive Association of Oklahoma
Curriculum Developer and Trainer for the United Health Project

Karen received her Master of Public Administration degree from Baylor University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern Nazarene University.  She has over 33 years of experience in human services in two state systems, Illinois and Oklahoma.  She has held positions of ever-increasing responsibility within the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.  From 2006-2010, she served as the Oklahoma Administrator of the Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance. IShe also serves as the Project Director for the MIPPA-ADRC and MIPPA-AAA grants funded through ACL as well as the lead for Aging Services on the CMS Money Follows the Person grant in partnership with Oklahoma’s Medicaid agency, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. Ms. Poteet and her husband were also licensed foster parents in Illinois and adopted their two youngest children from the Illinois child welfare system. 


EILEEN MAYERS PASZTOR     Contact    |  Term 6.30.19

NFPA Board of Directors | Secretary

Board Experience
Chair, Kinship Care Committee
Curriculum Developer and Trainer for the United Health Care Project

Eileen became a member of the NFPA when she worked at Nova University in Ft. Lauderdale to develop what would become the "Nova model of foster parent recruitment, preservice training and assessment to prepare foster parents as mental health workers."  She was mentored by CWLA's Helen Stone who was a co-founder of the NFPA.  Eileen was a principal developer of the original Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting (MAPP).  She became CWLA's first national program director for family foster care, kinship care, and adoption.  Eileen is one of the principal developers of CWLA's PRIDE Model of Practice to Develop and Support Resource Parents as Team Members in Child Protection and Trauma Informed Care of Children and the Kinship Traditions of Caring and Collaborating Model of Practice. Eileen is a professor at the California State University, Long Beach School of Social Work.  She is a foster and adoptive parent who continues to support her now adult children because of their special needs.  


PEGGY KIRBY    Contact    |  Term 6.30.18

NFPA Board of Directors Treasurer

Board Experience
Director, FAIR Visions
President, LFAPA
Chair, Audit Committee, NFPA
Chair, Advocacy, NFPA

Peggy Kirby resides in West Monroe, Louisiana, has been a certified foster parent for teen girls for thirty years, has fostered more than 100 young ladies and is very active in advocating for policy changes to ensure teens transitioning out of care have the support they need. She has served as the Director of FAIR Visions for fifteen years and has been active with the State Association since 2000.


JIM HATCH, MBA, LSW    Contact    |  Term 6.30.19

NFPA Board of Directors Chair, Council of State Affiliates

Board Experience
Member, Maine Foster Parent Advisory Committee
Trainer and Foster Care Program Developer

Jim Hatch has worked professionally with children and families in Maine since 1994.  He and his wife were also foster parents for twelve years and adopted two children.  Jim enjoys hiking with his family and spends much of his time finding new ways to support adoptive, foster, and kinship families state and nationwide. 

TAMMY WELLS    Contact    |  Term 6.30.18

NFPA Board of Directors Member At-Large

Board Experience
President, Nebraska Foster and Adoptive Parent Association
Finance Committee, NFPA
Chair, Audit Committee, NFPA
Conference Committee, NFPA

Tammy and her husband have two grown biological children, a daughter and a son, a son-in-law, two granddaughters and one grandson. In August of 1998 she became employed at a public-school system as a Resource Para-Educator; supporting students with educational, social, and behavioral struggles; through educating, and practice of life and social skills.  In 2000 her family became a licensed traditional foster family for sibling groups of three or more children. During 2010 she became active in Nebraska Foster and Adoptive Parent Association, mentoring and supporting families and in December 2011 her family adopted three brothers. 

Board of Directors

Emily Christensen                Contact  |  Term 6.30.19

Antoinette Cotman             Contact  |  Term 6.30.19

Mary Beth Dondiego           Contact  |  Term 6.30.19

Sue Dondiego                       Contact  |  Term 6.30.19

Shawn Johnson                     Contact  |  Term 6.30.19

Bonnie McNulty                    Contact  |  Term 6.30.18

Thomas Rector                      Contact  |  Term 6.30.19

Bob Ruble                               Contact  |  Term 6.30.19

Doris Marshall                       Contact  |  Term 6.30.18

Eshele Williams                    Contact  |  Term 6.30.19

Brian Donahue                       Contact  |  Term 6.30.19

Cate Hawks                            Contact  |  Term 6.30.19

Marcus Stallworth                Contact  |  Term 6.30.19

Standing Committee Chairs

Audit     Tammy Wells

Finance Thomas Rector

Governance     Mary Beth Dondiego

Membership Shawn Johnson

Programs Emily Christensen

Sub Committee Chairs

Communications Shawn Johnson

Foster Family (Bio) Eshele Williams

Kinship Eileen Pasztor

LGBTQ/SOGI Lori Duke Ross

Public Policy Jennifer Rexroad

Walk Me Home Marion Rhines

Youth Scholarship Antoinette Cotman

Executive Director


NFPA  | Executive Director

Board Experience
Chair, EveryChild, Inc
Advisory Board Member, NCTSN
Board Member, Creating A Family
Public Policy Chair, Texas Foster Family Association
Public Policy Chair, COAC of Texas
Foster Care Consultant

Irene Clements and her husband fostered 127 children over 27 years and adopted 4 children.  Irene’s work experiences include 15 years working with children and adults with Intellectual Disabilities and 15 years as the Vice President of Foster Care and Advocacy for a large child placing agency in Texas.  Irene has been an active member in the NFPA since the mid 1970’s and served in many capacities, to include President for three years before being selected to serve as the Executive Director.

Staff and Support

SHARON HOLMAN | Administrative Coordinator  |  Contact 

REGINALD DAVENPORT III | Webmaster/Tech Support  | Contact

LAURA  BOYD, PH.D. | National Public Policy Advocate  |  Contact 

The National Foster Parent Association is a champion for the thousands of families that open their hearts and their homes to the over 400,000 children in out-of-home placement in the US. NFPA believes in the importance of family-based care for foster children and that every child deserves support and a permanent family.

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